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About Premium Doggie Food  

 doggie food is every where these days.  And  the variety is growing fast. 

Doggies have reached a peak in popularity  because we have all discovered the joy and the benefits of have our fur bundles.   

But You can not find our premium doggie food brands in regular big box retail stores.  


About  premium brands

  • Please click on each brand to go to each of the these brands websites.

see how high quality premium doggie food can help your puppy doggie live a healthier life.


Natures Logic

  • Weruva
  • Wild Calling
  • NutriSource

  • Premium doggie food Integrity

    Just like our small local mobile doggie grooming business,

    These doggie food brands can offer you the type of high quality American sourced nutrition you are looking for because the food is  produced in small scale operations

     They are established premium quality doggy food companies...

    ..producing small batches 

      focused on mega quality, rather than mega profits! 

    • Don't be fooled by expensive advertising and empty promises of the big corporations
    • all sorts of unidentifiable ingredients that can't even be classified as food, such  as hair, newspaper go into these corporate brands- I am not joking!!  

    Don't take our advice without reading about the brands we trust.

    click the links to read about each brand below.  

    Decide for yourself. 

    Knowledge is power!!

    request sample from us.  


    Hungry Dogs- hilarious video!

    Variety for your fury cautious consumers

    Remember to commercial for Life Cereal? 

    "Mikey won't eat it, he hates everything" 

    Every Dog Is Unique

    Do you have  a  careful  or picky eater?

    variety is a need for some pups to stay interested in  eating.


    indigestion may be a problem  if given too mush variety. 

    •  That's why we offer free samples .  
    • Please request samples to see what your pup likes
    • for Arizona locals Call or send us a text 520-661-4038

    We have researched the brands we sell

    and find them to be rated highly.

    • We  are in this business because we were not happy with what was offered in the store.

    taste  is important  to the pup

    if it doesn't taste right they may choose the  sofa or a sock!

    So we offer multiple brands and many flavors

    • to suite as  many different hunger needs,
    •  attitudes and
    • sniffers as possible.


    Place Your  Order or Get A Free Sample

    By Phone 520-661-4038 Groom On The Go

    We Believe that what your dog eats is directly connected to his/her good health.  We have researched many brands.  

    We are vegan 90% of the time. Even though a majority of humans eat meat, it isn't really necessary. Humans strive on a diet of potatoes, rice, grains and veggies, some fruit.

    Super quality dog food

     But dogs can not be Vegan, unfortunately.  

    They need the power of meat for energy to chaise their ball around the universe and back.

    High quality  food plus love and encouragement can help your dog stay strong, active and satisfied with their lives. 

    What we expect from a high quality nourishment is this...

    • Quality ingredients,
    •  High nutritional ratings 
    •  Loyal companies that stand behind their brands 100%. 
    •   Our animals aren't just pets, they are, our  family members and deserve the best quality!

    Shop Local

    Are You Local To Tucson-Marana-Phoenix? 

    We don't have a store  and shipping outside the area would be outrageous, we are keeping our dog food sales small and local for now.

     Our local customers may buy our  food and have it delivered to your door for free!! 

    because we are mobile dog groomers and travel around the city 6 days, we are offering free delivery, if you purchase premium quality dog food from us.  

    Read about your dogs powerful sniffer on the Hungry Dog page

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