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Dog Portraits Offer Customizable Options

Dog Portraits made from your original, Off The Wall Dog.  Fully customizable. Acrylic on canvas. 

By Eric Couderc, Artist, Social worker, Dog Groomer, dog boarder.

                      Many dogs have posed for their dog portrait with Eric...

         immortalize your precious pup 

 I  feel I have to mention this,  because so much of the paintings you see today are not really painted from scratch they are computer altered photos.  Eric paints from photos that you submit.  he then paints a Portrait with old school paints on canvas, no and no use of computers.

He offers 2 types of paintings, your dog portrayed in a traditional pose of your choice or portrayed as you as your favorite rock star or with an outfit such as star wars or other dog in clothes fantasy portrait. You decide or Eric can offer suggestions.   

All doggies have fabulous lovable characters!  

Are you a doggie lover? …

Here is Red Dog Before and after examples
2 types of dog portraits

Here is Sunny's  portrait 

Give a gift that lasts 

Give yourself or a family member or friend a special portrait gift.  It  will have a special place in your home and your heart forever. 

maybe you need a portrait  to adorn your walls ...

Give your house décor over to the doggie! 

with  colorful original dog portraits and art prints. 

  • great in a child's room too. 

Every where you go in your house, have a puppy dog smiling at you.

clear your walls now and make room for your precious pooches portrait

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ― Vincent Van Gogh

Portrait information

Your doggie can't wait forever to have his or her special spot  on your wall!

Honor thy doggie

Take that mediocre copy of the Mona Lisa down, Your dog needs a spot on your wall now,

  • the price is right,
  • the time is right!

Order now

Further reading  about what defines art - What Is Dog Art?

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American Eskimo puppy and Chow Chow perform their circus tricks for you!

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