Dog Boarding, Cage Free Plus doggy taxi Local  Marana AZ Home

Dog Boarding,
Doggie taxi and Cage Free Local Tucson AZ Home

dog spelled backwards
Doggys have a lot of fun playing at our place!

We Have Opened Our Home And Hearts To our Dogs

dog boarding...

Once upon a time there was a dog house where the people were puppy people and they were knee deep in furry love. 

A place where playful pups prance pleasantly and peacefully. Their days filled with companionship and their nights comfortable in sweet dreams...

Our furry boarders consider the house of their favorite groomer a second home.  While their puppy parents are away...

When you go on vacation

No cages at our place

Round trip Dog Taxi Free   while boarding 

have your dog in a real home similar to your own home -where your dog :

  • gets constant love, endless play,
  • sit on the furniture  and
  • make themselves feel comfortable
  • dog feels like he is  home and
  • NO EXTRA COST to go for a walk or play anytime! 
  • Board your dog with your favorite groomers in town and
  • never worry about your dog while you are away again!!

For those customers that don't know yet, we have been offering our all things doggie boarding services for quite a while now. 

We have been gradually increasing customer awareness and have been watching many of our customers doggys.  We have had between 1 to 4 very happy doggies running and playing at our place lately. 

Interested in what we offer?? Book Today! pick up the phone or text us -520-661-4038, its that easy...

Read More about it   -  For information, prices, rules and more pics of our place.

Dog Boarding, Cage Free Plus doggy taxi Local  Marana AZ Home

This is Gracie, she is one of our many happy lodgers

New doggie wall art for sale

All things doggie boarding at our place Don't forget to tell  your friends...

We are constantly Adding to our all things doggie lover's blog because, our dogs never cease to charm and enchant us.  Dogs Can inspire you to greatness!

Our paths have most definitely been enchanted by doggies in so many ways.  Adopting our pups have inspired career changes and moving across country from Vernon Hills Illinois to Tucson Arizona, Wow!

  • “Life is short, live it.
  • Love is rare, grab it. 
  • Anger is bad, dump it. 
  • Fear is awful, face it. 
  • Memories are sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown

We offer you true doggie inspiration and information. We encourages your participation in this Off The Wall Dogs  journey. Read More

The American Eskimo Doggy That Changed Our Life 17 Years Ago. Forever

We are all about all things doggie boarding,  and we have a …..

Store related to doggie themed merchandise. Thank you for visiting

We are pleased to announce

that we have a new store!!

Please view our unique doggy merchandise now click the shop button below to view


Doggie Food


We are not saying that our premium doggie foods are better than store brands, well maybe we are. just follow the dog food money chain. bottom line? cheap low quality out sourced ingredients.  Our doggie food brands?  no out sourced ingredients, less worries of dog food killing our puppy doggies. 

Click Here For More Information About our Dog Food

 Pet Boarding Services

All Things doggie boarding -See Tucson With Your Doggie 

Rescuing our min pin Elric on August 9, 2016 was an experience to rember!

All things doggie Boarding, We take your dog for daily walks if they want to go. When the weather gets cool, it's time to get out of the house with your dog. Fresh air. exercise, and exploration. Follow a dirt path  in Tucson with your dog, It will leads you to us, Read more

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DIY Doggie Grooming Tips

We all want healthy, clean well polished dogs.  We can teach you what we know about grooming.  Learn grooming tips to keep your pooch in good shape.  

Click here for easy grooming tips

Gallery-Our Doggie pictures Shop

Art and music have always been an important part of our life equation.

Hence our Motto    Dog+Art+Life=love.  

 On the wall doggie pictures art

  • Prints, Portraits and Things
  •  By Artist/Dog Groomer Eric Couderc- read more

Dog News Blog

our doggie lover's blog is Fun and helpful information,  all about our lovable doggies,

get inspired.

“When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying its hard. Think positive!” – Unknown

our doggies don't give up when they have been traumatized, they don't know the meaning of giving up  

About Us

Elyse Couderc, Mobile Dog Groomer Holding Their Dog and mascot ELRIC, Little Ricky, Nick Name
Eric Couderc, Mobile Dog Groomer and artist Holding Elric

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